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Are you ready for the September 1, 2019 changes?

Claims Rated Scale is gone.. Listing additional drivers.. New coverages.. New discounts.. New rules..

Its no secret that good drivers pay too much for insurance when you consider the risk they represent to ICBC. The new rate model aims to make the premium drivers pay more representative of the risk they represent to ICBC. A majority of drivers will be better off under the new system, but that means drivers with less experience, drivers with previous at fault accidents, new residents, and new drivers will ultimately pay more.

The biggest change coming to Autoplan is the ability to list additional drivers. Starting September 1, 2019 registered owners will be asked to list all drivers who may drive the vehicle during the policy term, and of those drivers to declare a Principle Driver if there is one person who uses the vehicle most of the time. The Principle Driver’s Individual Driver Factor (discount/surcharge) will make up 75% of the premium and the secondary driver with the highest Individual Driver Factor will make up the remaining 25% of the premium.

Instead of being uninsured, if an unlisted driver is involved in an accident a one time financial penalty will be applied to the claim. The penalty would be 15 times the premium difference of each the basic insurance and optional coverage, up to $5000 in the case of basic insurance premium, and up to 2 times the optional insurance premium. Because registered owners may not be able to predict if a friend or non-household family member may use the vehicle, registered owners can now purchase Unlisted Driver protection to protect against the imposed financial penalty.

Unlisted Driver Protection does not apply to:

  • household members or employees of the owner, lessee, or principal driver;

  • people who do not hold a valid driver’s licence;

  • people who drove any of the owner’s or lessee’s vehicles more than 12 days in the 12 months prior to the crash; and

  • people who have two or more at-fault crashes on any of the owner’s or lessee’s vehicles within the last five years prior to the crash.

There are also 2 new discounts ICBC is implementing. The new Low Kilometer Discount applies a 10% discount to the basic insurance rate on a vehicle driven in an eligible rate class if the vehicle is driven less than 5000km per year. At renewal you can submit a photo of the odometer that has been taken within the last 7 days. There is a also a new Advanced Safety Technology Discount for vehicles that are equipped with an Autonomous Emergency Braking System.

To learn more about all the new changes to ICBC Autoplan after September 1, 2019 please see:

How much will my insurance cost?

As of September 1, 2019 ICBC online or over the phone quotes are no longer available.

Due to the complexity of the new rate fairness model there is currently no way to provide online or over the phone quotes. Because of the new need to access a clients ICBC account in order to calculate insurance premiums, clients have to be in the office with their drivers licence, and provide the drivers licence number and birth date for all drivers who may drive the vehicle during the policy term.

For those clients who are are new to the province and are looking for a quote, you should first obtain a BC drivers licence so that ICBC can calculate and set your Individual Driver Factor (discount/surcharge). In order to obtain a BC drivers licence you will have to submit drivers abstracts from past driving jurisdictions in order to prove your driving experience. For more information on what you need to get a BC drivers licence you can call 1-800-950-1498, walk into a drivers licensing office (closest to our office is at 4126 MacDonald Street, Vancouver), or go to the ICBC website: